The Drowned Earth is a cinematic wargame where movement is key

19 April 2017
drowned-earth-96712.JPG The Drowned Earth
Sci-fi fantasy title inspired by action movies and free running

Achieving the feel of momentum and dynamic movement on the tabletop can be a challenge when it comes to wargaming, but a new title believes it’s cracked it.

The Drowned Earth is the first game from British designer James Baldwin and takes place in a post-apocalyptic world reclaimed by nature.

The skirmish title takes place across a three-by-three-foot board and allows two players to use five or more 35mm models, with multi-part metal miniatures on offer as part of the Kickstarter.

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Key to the game is its movement system, which Baldwin says is inspired by a desire to translate the cinematic moments of action movies to the tabletop, as well as the free-flowing nature of free running and parkour.

Players will be able to make their characters swing on vines and jump off buildings, engaging in heated gunplay and dodging bullets while doing so.

Four starter crews are available through the Kickstarter, including four infantry models on 30mm bases and one multi-part metal ‘tough’ on a 40mm base. A single crew is £35, with bundles at discounted prices - £115 will get you all four.

The Drowned Earth has already more than quadrupled its £5,000 target with 27 days left to run. After more than two years of development, the game is expected to release with rules and models next April.


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