The creator of legendary 1990s PC game The 7th Guest is turning the FMV puzzler into a board game

07 April 2017
c8ea03a03044caab650f04095048fe68_original-35474.jpg The 7th Guest: The Board Game
Base game includes 300 conundrums

Do you remember The 7th Guest? In case you don’t, allow us to remind you.

The 7th Guest was a 1993 PC game developed by Rob Landeros that became famous partly for its mix of live-action video and computer-generated graphics, partly for its adult subject matter, but largely for its use of the then-emerging CD-ROM format. One of the first games ever released on CD (RIP), The 7th Guest went on to sell more than two million copies and earn the praise of fans including Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Landeros is now bringing The 7th Guest back – but as a board game. Inventively titled The 7th Guest: The Board Game, the tabletop version seems to be akin to a puzzle-heavy version of Cluedo, with players exploring the Stauf mansion by rolling the ‘magic die’ and subsequently having to solve the various brainteasers around the haunted house.

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The puzzles include logic, spatial, trivia and riddle conundrums, and there are said to be 300 in the box – compared to the original PC game’s fewer than 90.

If one player fails to solve their mystery, others can steal it from them or cast mystery spells to help them pull ahead and escape the house over the course of the one to five (!) hour game.

The base game is $65 on Kickstarter, plus $15 shipping to the UK. Landeros and his team plan to release The 7th Guest: The Board Game next July, and already have plans for additional expansions with 300 extra puzzles apiece.

The campaign will run until May 4th and is currently creeping towards its very specific target of $57,611 with just over $42,000 at the time of writing. Somewhat fittingly, it also has exactly 666 backers as we type this – spooky.


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