The co-creator of Star Wars: Imperial Assault and Doom has made a Nickelodeon cartoon food fight game

17 May 2018
pic4121505-76250.jpg Nickelodeon Splat Attack!
Splat Attack! stars characters from SpongeBob Squarepants, TMNT, Invader Zim, Hey Arnold!, Rugrats and more

The co-designer of Star Wars: Imperial Assault and the Doom board game might not seem the most obvious choice to make a board game about ‘90s cartoon characters having a food fight, but we’d be lying if we said we’re not completely thrilled by the idea.

Splat Attack! is the first in the planned series of games based on classic Nickelodeon shows, starring an all-star cast of characters from ‘90s NickToon favourites including SpongeBob Squarepants, TMNT, Invader Zim, Hey Arnold! and Rugrats.

The game – which features miniatures of everyone from Squidward to GIR – was originally announced last summer with Dungeon! co-creator Michael Gray and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Showdown co-designer Daryl Andrews attached, but its new Kickstarter reveals that Jonathan Ying has taken over responsibility for the gameplay.

Said gameplay involves players taking control of a team of four characters from their TV show of choice and unleashing a barrage of food at their rivals, stealing ‘cool points’ when they land a hit.

Each character has a unique ability and can move around the grid-based board, gathering cool points from squares or throwing food by playing a card and rolling dice. Different food has different projectile qualities (obviously), and a character is eliminated once their grid is filled with splat tokens.

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The game ends when the last golden cool point has been claimed by a character being splatted out of the game, with the most points winning.

It all sounds like suitably fast, silly fun, and those models are hard to resist, with more teased via inevitable stretch goals, given the campaign has already smashed its £37,000 target.

Splat Attack! will be out this November.


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