The Chameleon is a Codenames and Spyfall-like game from the creator of Coup

11 January 2017
5aea2d160b47ac2870d2c465458ef957-81426.jpg Pascal, the chameleon
Bucket of Doom publisher Big Potato also announces board game spin-off of TV show First Dates

Linkee, Bucket of Doom and Obama Llama publisher Big Potato has revealed its line-up of new releases for 2017, including a new espionage-themed title from the designer of Coup.

The Chameleon is the invention of Rikki Tahta, who found fame for his social deduction card game back in 2012.

One player takes on the title role, attempting to blend in and avoid detection.  Meanwhile, the remaining players are privy to a shared secret codeword and must use a single word each turn to try and uncover the odd player out. Essentially, think of a mashup between Codenames and Spyfall.

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Second on the slate from Big Potato is First Dates, said to be ‘loosely’ based on the Channel 4 TV show of the same name, which involves a random pair of singletons attempting to find love.

Last up is the fantastically-titled Thunderbrain & the Colour Machines, the next trivia game from the publisher following Linkee, Qwordie and Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout. The quiz takes place in reverse, with players starting off with the answers and attempting to work out which questions they need to play.

We couldn’t find a picture of The Chameleon, so we used a shot of Pascal from Disney’s Tangled. You’re welcome.


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