The £230 Giant Edition of Flick ‘em Up is nearly three times bigger than the original

10 August 2017
flick-em-up-suitcase-giant-16296.jpg Flick 'em Up: Giant Edition
Blown-up set comes in a leather suitcase

This town ain’t big enough for the both of us, but it’s more than big enough for a expanded version of cowboy-themed dexterity game Flick ‘em Up.

When we say expanded, for once we don’t mean there’s just more stuff in the box – in the case of Flick ‘em Up: Giant Edition, it’s literally the pieces that are bigger.

In fact, the wooden cowboys (and their hats), bullets and thematic backdrops have all been magnified by 175%, making the bits and bobs almost three times as large as the original game.

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As well as making the fantastic-looking game look even more fantastic thanks to the charming buildings, cacti, barrels and whatnot, the blown-up size apparently also makes the game a bit easier to play, as publisher Pretzel says the bigger pieces “lend themselves to a more accurate representation of one's skill”. Er, that’s not great news for us, then…

The set will be launched at Gen Con next week, and will remain exclusive to shows and Pretzel’s website. With the giant pieces, comes a giant price tag, though: expect to pay $300 (£231) for the limited edition collection. At least it comes in a nice leather suitcase.


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