Tetris meets house renovation in 13 Days designers’ Cøpenhagen

16 January 2019
Copenhagen-02297.jpg Cøpenhagen
Danish place-try

Asger Harding Granerud and Daniel Skjold Pedersen, the designer duo behind games including 13 Days and A Tale of Pirates, are renovating their Danish home city of Copenhagen with the power of polyominoes.

In their upcoming co-design Cøpenhagen, the Tetris-like shapes represent window and wall sections of the colourful houses built in the city’s ‘New Harbour’ area.

Players will receive tiles based on certain cards drawn from the display on the table, placing them into a vertical grid to stack up the floors of their building while trying to make its appearance as attractive as possible to score points.

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Along the way, there’s the opportunity to gain special abilities by covering specific squares, and rack up big scores by creating floors entirely made of windows.

The game plays in around 20 to 40 minutes with two to four people, and is due for release from publisher Queen Games, which describes its complexity as “an easily accessible family game”.

A tweet from Pedersen suggested that the game would be “ready” for Nuremberg Toy Fair at the end of January – whether that means a full release around that time, or later in 2019, is yet to be confirmed.


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