Terra Mystica is out on mobile and PC later this month

03 April 2017
17621766_1382187388515591_6654171904997994678_o-52439.jpg Terra Mystica
Long-awaited port of acclaimed strategy hit will include cross-platform play

Beloved strategy game Terra Mystica is finally arriving in the digital world, developer Digidiced has announced.

The studio, which previously brought Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small, Patchwork and Le Havre: The Inland Port to mobile and PC, revealed that Terra Mystica will launch on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux on April 20th.

Digidiced originally announced the port last October, and has now confirmed that it will include cross-platform multiplayer. There’s no word on pricing yet, though.

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The acclaimed 2012 title – currently at number four in BoardGameGeek’s hallowed rankings – pits five players against each other in a race to develop their fantasy civilisation, gathering resources, building structures and exploring the world.

Matches can last for a few hours – so you should be able to fit in a couple before your delayed train arrives, if our experience is anything to go by.


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