Ten Handmade Etsy Gifts for The Tabletop Fan in Your Life

16 November 2020
A brief gift guide

It's nearly the most wonderful time of the year (say the songs, and we must believe the Bards). In celebration of tabletop gaming and the brilliant creations and inspirations that come out of it, we've taken a look at some of the great offerings from Etsy. There's something for every budget here, a perfect gift for that tabletop fan that's usually so difficult to buy for. Or, as a treat for yourself.

Under £10

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1. This Gelatinous Cube Pin

If you're looking for a low cost gift for a friend, a gelatinous cube reference can't go wrong. This is an enamel pin, letting the receiver show off their RPG without needing to be blatant about it. This shop also offers things like stickers and cloud lighting.

By Mythical Studios

Price: £8 plus postage

2.A Cthulhu Themed Dice Bag (or any kind of Dice Bag!)

Tabletop Gamers tend to enjoy good dice, but how do you store them? Dice bags to the rescue of course, though the nice part about these is that you can grab one specific to what you're playing. Protecting your sanity in Cthulhu? Perfect. Like cats? Other options are available from the shop. 

By Board Game Solutions

Price: £9 plus postage


3. Meeple Mug

How do you keep the board game energy going all the time? Drink your coffee from the meeple mug while you play coffee roasters! Alternatively, take it into work to act as a homing beacon for other board gamers you may not have yet discovered.

By Meeple Merch

Price: £11.74 plus postage

4. Dice/Accessory Bowls

CritIt make a range of gorgeous gaming accessories, and this is no different. Marketed as a dice bowl (for which of course, it is perfect), there's nothing stopping you using this to mark a space for components of any game, making it a perfect present (or treat for yourself!)

By Critit

Price: £14.99 plus postage


5. D&D Inspired Alignments T-Shirts

Of course, available in each of the alignments, a perfect nod to a D&D character, or simply the alignment you think your gift recipient falls within. A great way to wear your favourites with pride.

By QuriousShop

Price: £15.19 (Usually £18.99) plus postage


6. Board Game Poster

Got that friend who has everything, including a blank space on their wall? MeepleDesign have a whole range of board game related items, but our favourites are these posters inspired by some of our favourite games - they've got everything from Imperial Settlers, to Takenoko, to Wingspan, so you're bound to find the favourite game in beautiful form

A minimalist art style poster of the board game Everdell

By Meeple Design

Price: £18.49 plus postage


Over £21

7. Dice Necklace

This dice necklace is a subtle way to show off your loyalty to RPG's, with a simple pattern to the untrained eye, which is, in fact, the full dice set represented. Available in three colours with an option for adding on earrings and/or gift boxes, this is a simple but great present.


By Witch Hunt Store

Price: £24.99+ plus postage


8. Mimic Chest

Where do you put your dice? If it's not in a mimic chest, you're maybe doing it wrong. 

Barry Neeson

Price: £60 plus postage

9. A Custom RPG Map

Imagine having a map to match your homebrew campaign on your wall, being able to follow exactly where you are and where you've been. Well, you can, as you can pick up a custom RPG map in a range of options (line art, sepia/monochrome, full colour) and in a range of styles. This is a digital version so you can scale it as needed. Just explain a rough outline and they'll take it from there!

By ArcaneAtlas

Price: Starts at £70 but depends on the map specifics


10. Ticket to Ride Storage Box

This laser cut Ticket To Ride Storage box contains all the space you need for the base map, and five extension maps - including 6 accessory boxes, a game card tray with expansion specific dividers, and a top try to carry everything from rule books to card holders. If you've got more than one version of Ticket To Ride, this is one to check out. 

By BasicallyWooden

Price: £95 plus postage


With one last honourable mention: 

Meeple Gift Wrapping Paper

If you're planning to buy any of these as a gift (there's no judgement if you decide to pick them up for yourself!), then you'll need the perfect paper to wrap them up with...

By OsseUK

Price: £2.50 plus postage



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