Tales from the Loop RPG sequel Things from the Flood welcomes you to Simon Stålenhag’s bleak vision of the 1990s

05 September 2018
things-from-the-flood-60166.jpg Things from the Flood
Less Spice Girls, more supernatural horror

Tales from the Loop is advancing its sci-fi depiction of an alternate 1980s to a grim vision of the nineties in the first standalone expansion-sequel to the roleplaying game.

Things from the Flood is once again steeped in the evocative worldbuilding of Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag, whose blending of atmospheric science-fiction and sweeping rural vistas helped Tales from the Loop pick up the gold prizes for Best Interior Art, Best Setting, Best Game, Best Writing and more at last year’s ENnie Awards. We named it one of our favourite games of 2017.

The roleplaying tome is based on Stålenhag’s art book of the same name, which moves the alternate timeline forward a decade and explores the attempts of humanity to move on after the Loop is closed – before the past begins to re-emerge in strange and frightening ways.

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Stålenhag’s original collection of illustrations was said to be inspired by the growing presence of Scandinavia on the world stage during the 1990s and the subsequent shifting in culture and society, suggesting what might be in store for the roleplaying setting.

It is said to be a darker, more mature tone than the childlike exploration and discovery of Tales from the Loop – symbolised by a significant shift in the gameplay that now means players’ teenage characters can die, rather than just be injured.

Although Things from the Flood can be played as a standalone game, player-created characters from Tales from the Loop can be brought into the game, advancing their story as they age into the new decade.

Like Tales from the Loop, Things from the Flood will be headed to Kickstarter, with a campaign set to go live on September 18th. No release date has been given.


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