Tales from the Loop and 7th Sea lead RPG nominees for 2017 ENnie Awards

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05 July 2017
dfc6ade43f98b805c8d59440eda7fd90_original-42290.jpg Tales from the Loop
Torment: Tides of Numenera, Bubblegumshoe and more also up for multiple prizes

This year’s nominations for the prestigious roleplaying game ENnie Awards has been announced, with alternate-history hit Tales from the Loop and the latest edition of swashbuckling title 7th Sea leading the pack.

Tales from the Loop is in the running for five prizes, including best interior art, best game, best setting, best writing and product of the year, following a massively successful Kickstarter and comparisons to hugely popular TV series Stranger Things for its sci-fi-injected ‘80s setting.

Meanwhile, the second edition of 7th Sea – based on the 1999 award-winning historical fantasy game – is nominated for best cover art, best free product, best game, best rules and product of the year for its core rulebook, with its scenario Pirate Nations picking up a nod for best supplement and the map of Théah up for best cartography.

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The two games will face off against Timewatch, Bubblegumshoe and Sins of the Father in the race for best game, while Veins of the Earth, Bubblegumshoe, Polaris RPG, Rifts, Doors to Darkness, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Timewatch and Atlas of Earth-Prime join them in the product of the year shortlist.

The list of other awards includes accolades for best adventure, best aid/accessory, best blog, best electronic book, best family game, best miniature product, best monster/adversary, best podcast, best production values, best RPG-related product and best website.

The winners of the judges’ spotlight prize have already been revealed, recognising Rippers Resurrected, The Ninja Crusade 2e, Tales from the Yawning Portal, Coriolis: The Third Horizon and Broodmother Skyfortress.

Voting on the awards takes place up to July 21st, with the winners announced at Gen Con in mid-August.


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