Tabletop Simulator and its DLC are up to half price for the next week

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18 October 2016
ss_591b2c68615008ac89d34d2855ccfb54bd765fb9.1920x1080-16517.jpg Zombicide is among the various games officially supported by the platform
Scythe, Zombicide, Tiny Epic Galaxies and Cosmic Encounter Connector among board games available to play in PC title

Versatile board game sandbox Tabletop Simulator is currently half price on PC.

The game, which allows users to play and create almost any tabletop title in a virtual space, is well known both for the wide range of games available – everything from D&D to X-Wing – and its propensity for goofy humour – players can throw pieces around the room and even flip the digital table if they lose.

There’s even support for virtual reality, for those of you lucky enough to own a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset.

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Normally £15, Tabletop Simulator is currently half price at £7.49 for the next week until October 24th – a four-pack is similarly discounted to £22.49 from £45, if you want to buy your games group a gift and play online.

Much of the game’s official DLC (users can also create unofficial versions of tabletop titles) has also been slashed by between 30% and 50% in the sale, including Zombicide (down to £4.19), Scythe (£3.35), Cosmic Encounter Connector (£3.49) and Tiny Epic Galaxies (£2.79).

If you're interested, grab it!


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