Tabletop Gaming's first new-look monthly issue is out in one week!

23 November 2017
13ttgIssue13_web-01445.jpg Tabletop Gaming December 2017
With a first look at Star Wars: Legion, the 10 best Games of the Year, Twilight Imperium 4, Warhammer RPGs, Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 review, Ticket to Ride free on PC and more

December's issue of Tabletop Gaming is our biggest and best yet, with a brand new look, exclusive preview of Star Wars: Legion, our countdown of the 10 best games of 2017 and a free copy of Ticket to Ride on PC for everyone who picks up the magazine. Oh, and did we mention it's our first monthly issue?

Our cover feature speaks with the creators of Star Wars: Legion, the massive miniatures game that lets you relive the battles of the sci-fi series' original trilogy in intense firefights between Rebels, Stormtroopers and Luke and Vader. Could it be bigger than X-Wing? Have a read and find out!

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As 2017 draws to a close, we’ve rounded up the 10 very best games of the year for a countdown of the releases you shouldn’t have missed from the last 12 months. We’ve also asked some of the biggest designers from around the world of gaming to chip in with their own picks for 2017’s finest tabletop experiences, from the creators of Kingdomino and Scythe to Santorini and RPG Fiasco.
The sci-fi excitement continues with a close look at the return of legendary strategy epic Twilight Imperium. We chat with the game’s original creator and the designers who inherited its legacy to find out what’s new in fourth edition. Plus, we give our definitive verdict in the reviews section!

If you want even MORE sci-fi, we reveal how phenomenal series The Expanse went from the tabletop to TV and back again – and we give our thoughts on the latest board game based on the universe.
If fantasy’s more your style, we’ve spoken with the studio behind not just one, but two, upcoming roleplaying games based on the Warhammer universe. Cubicle 7 explains how Fantasy Roleplay and Age of Sigmar are shaping up to be something special indeed.
Still hungry for more? Allow us to satisfy your appetite with an in-depth look at how Euro masterpiece Food Chain Magnate was made, with a little help from the founders of renowned studio Splotter.
Speaking of renowned designers, the creator of World War II classic Axis & Allies is back with his biggest wargame simulation yet – Larry Harris tells us all about his plans for War Room.
Of course, we haven’t ignored the fact that Christmas is fast approaching. This issue’s Ten of the Best list is a special Christmas gaming gift guide, so you can find the perfect tabletop-themed prezzie for the special people in your life (or just yourself – after all, you’re special too!).
And if you’re wondering which games to pick up this winter, there’s our usual world-beating reviews of the latest and greatest in gaming, including Pandemic Legacy: Season 2, Flick ‘em Up: Dead of Winter, Dungeons & Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation, Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire, NMBR 9, Abandon Planet, Downforce, Whistle Stop and more!
We’ve barely mentioned the dozens of other special features in December’s magazine, from the latest entry in our dungeon master’s guide to roleplaying to a painting guide for Viking epic Blood Rage. There’s even an exclusive scenario for Frostgrave sequel Ghost Archipelago, only for Tabletop Gaming readers.

On the cover is our latest free gift – a golden ticket for Ticket to Ride that gives you a copy of the digital edition on PC for the low price of absolutely nothing. If that wasn't enough, the card can be used as a route card in the board game, too. That's not all – there's also the chance to win a trip on the Orient Express!
There's more reasons than ever to pick up the latest issue of Tabletop Gaming – and it's easier than ever before as the magazine can now be found in Tesco, Sainsbury's, WHSmith, hobby stores and more shops around the UK (find your local store here). Or why not order directly from our website?

If you want to get the latest exclusive game previews and promos directly through your door, you can also sign up for a subscription – with new quarterly and half-yearly rates available to help spread the cost – or carry the magazine around in your pocket with our digital edition for mobile and PC.


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