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18 February 2021
It's a crowdfunding pleaser

We’ve got a new podcast available for you, right now. In this episode we talk about the business and the emotional rollercoaster of crowdfunding with Game On Tabletop. Laura, the COO of Game On Tabletop takes some time out of her busy schedule of launching games on their gaming focused crowdfunding platform to give us some tips on launching your first campaign.


We talk about what to expect when you take a game to a crowdfunding platform, the things you can learn from failure, and the wild ride that is putting together a campaign after it’s actually finished.


This is episode 18 of Season Two of the Tabletop Gaming Podcast, you can subscribe to the podcast below on pretty much every podcatching service.


If you like what we do on the podcast, have any questions, or know and interesting guest we might like to have on the podcast, reach out to me at [email protected]

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In the podcast we talk about our upcoming Virtual Spring Showcase, you can find out more about that over here. If you want to get involved, just get in touch.


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