Tabletop Gaming Magazine Podcast – S2E36: Issue 59

01 October 2021
Awards, Advent Calendar, Snakesss, Oltree and Game Art

The newest episode of Tabletop Gaming Magazine Podcast has been released, in what turned into a multi-day, multi-location podcast (we ran out of battery and then got kicked out of the studio), full of cold, we bring you a preview of issue 59, which is in shops now – go get yourself a copy, you can listen to this on the way.

Now you've done that, we can also say a huge thank you to all of our nominees and winners in the first ever Tabletop Gaming Awards that took place on the 25th September 2021. Head over to the website to read who won categories like "Best way to die in an RPG" and "Best Board Game 2021". Plus, if you were watching, you'll also know by now of our big announcement – Tabletop Gaming Live 2022 is heading to Manchester! We'll be at the Victoria Warehouse on the 17th & 18th September 2022, and we can't wait to see you there. 

We also have a chat about our advent calendar (shout out to the doubters), and it's really as good as we would expect – find yours here

That's all before we even get excited about the magazine, in which we talk about Oltree, Snakesss, and the cardboard manifesto Chris wrote about whether we can just get better board game art?

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