Tabletop Gaming Magazine Podcast – S2E26: Sound Box with Horrible Guild

18 May 2021
Pictionary with sounds
We talk to Lorenzo and Hjalmar of Horrible Guild about their new party game, Sound Box. Being pitched as something like "Pictionary with sounds" the game asks one player to guess which noises the others around the table are making, from a list of cards displayed at the beginning and end of the round. The trick is that everyone is making different noises at the same time, usually with hilarious effect. Join Chris in his chat with the designers and get a chance to hear the true strangeness of this game in action.
This game actually hits Kickstarter TODAY, so if you like what you hear, be sure to head over to Kickstarter to check it out.
You may recognise Horrible Guild from the likes of Potion Explosion, The Kings Dilemma, Railroad Inc or more, but this is your chance to join in with their newest venture. 
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