Tabletop Gaming Magazine Podcast: Digimon Cards, X-Men, and so much more in Issue 52

25 February 2021
The one you've been waiting for

It's Publication Day Eve, which means there's just one more sleep before the newest issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine is out on the shelves – and as per usual, it's packed with a ton of content, from reviews, to features, to an incredibly exciting free addition on the cover...Digimon cards! That's right, you can pick up the Promo Pack 0.0 giving you six cards. You can pick that up from the latest issue here while stocks last, or if you fancy a surprise, you can get the cards with a random Tabletop Gaming Magazine issue by clicking here!


Join Chris and Charlie as they chat about what's coming up in the next issue, including those like Digimon, Holi, Hypertellurians, Necromolds, X-Men: Mutant Insurrection, and more. What's the deal with squishable wargame monsters? What's different in this X-Men game? What exactly is a Hypertellurian? Hear from us direct our thoughts on what's been going on this month, and what you can look forward to seeing in the magazine this month. 


Plus of course, we've got our Tabletop Gaming Spring Showcase coming up on 27th & 28th March 2021, so we're giving you an insight into what to expect there and a few of the reasons we're as excited about it as we are!


Make sure to tune in using your favourite podcast provider, or by following this link to listen online. 



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