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05 August 2022
You won't find this anywhere else on the 17th-18th September!

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If our epic weekend of Tabletop Gaming goodness wasn’t enough, Tabletop Gaming Live will be the very first home of a brand new game from Hachette: Amelia’s Secret.

Amelia’s Secret is an augmented reality game, that sees you attempting to escape the manor before you become its permanent resident.

This world’s first augmented reality escape room game offers total immersion through traditional game components and an integrated digital app. The example provided at conventions is that you may place your augmented cards around your own home, and may be surprised by what you find when you utilise the app. Is this just a card in the sink? Look through the lens of the Vonleaken Mansion, and find it full of blood instead…

The game is for ages 12+, for 1-4 players, and takes around 60 minutes to play. It will be available first at Tabletop Gaming Live, where you can give the game a try, meet members of the Hachette team, and buy your own copy ahead of everybody else.

You’ll also find the vibrant Hachette Stand exhibiting at Tabletop Gaming Live. Importing games to the UK, this new board game distributor made an immediate impact on the market with games like Oltree, Suspects, Akropolis and more.

Flavien Loisier, managing director of Hachette Board Games UK comments on the release: “We’re thrilled to be officially launching the game at Tabletop Gaming Live, and to have a dedicated space where everyone can come along to enjoy a full 20 minutes scenario, and buy it right away. It’s a great opportunity to get the game in players’ hands with no distractions. We hope everyone leaves the show ready to turn their own homes into a haunted mystery.”
Claire Ingram, publisher of Tabletop Gaming, comments:
“We love that such an interesting game is getting its debut at the show. We like to think we help people find their favourite games, and it’s often through these dedicated demo experiences that it happens. We can’t wait to see people’s reactions once they start to reveal the mysteries behind Amelia’s Secret at the event in September.”

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If you’ve not picked up your tickets for Tabletop Gaming Live yet, now’s the time! This epic gaming convention will be taking place on the 17th and 18th September 2022, and will host a huge range of exhibitors, gamers, workshops, and opportunities to play. Taking place at the historic Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, we can’t wait to see you there.

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We can't wait for Tabletop Gaming Live 2022! An epic weekend in Manchester full of board games, card games, roleplaying games, wargames and more, with amazing exhibitors, great games, and an opportunity to game together in person.

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