Tabletop Gaming Live 2022 Show Guide Is Here!

12 September 2022
The countdown to the new home of the event enters its final week – view the FREE official show guide now!

Final preparations are being made over at Tabletop Gaming HQ, as we all prepare to host the first show after two years on Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th September 2022. With over one hundred exhibitors in attendance and hours of workshops and masterclasses, it offers tabletop gamers alike a chance to indulge in everything board games, miniatures, card games and everything in between.

To help scratch that itch of overwhelming excitement, we’ve given early access to our digital 2022 show guide, which can be viewed below:

Read the Showguide Here



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Luckily, all Tabletop Gaming Live ticket holders will receive a FREE memento copy on attendance (first come first serve until we run out). The show guide will have everything you need to get around the show.

If you’ve not already bought your tickets, you can do so below. Looking forward to seeing you there!



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