Tabletop Gaming issue five OUT NOW

02 June 2016
05ttgMAINIssue5_web-87928.jpg Issue five
Featuring the making of Ticket to Ride, Dark Souls, Dropfleet Commander and more

Tabletop Gaming issue five is out TODAY! As usual it will be available in numerous friendly local game stores, selected WHSmith shops or you can order direct from us. Plus, for the first time ever, Tabletop Gaming will be available in more than 400 Tesco stores across the country.

So, what’s in issue five? Well, we’ve got an exclusive interview with Kevin Eastman, the creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles about his involvement with the new board games and Kevin Wilson gives us some thoughts on his design process for the Turtles game.

Elsewhere we’ve spoken to Alan R. Moon about the making of one of the most popular board games of all time: Ticket to Ride. Also on the interview front we’ve got exclusive interviews with David Lewis about how he’s created the follow-up to Dropzone Commander, Joseph McCullough gives us some hints about the future of the hit game Frostgrave and there’s also a chat with Matt Leacock about his latest game Knit Wit.

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We’ve also got a first look at Dark Souls with Steamforged’s Rich Loxam and reviews of Quadropolis, Deadzone Version 2, Zombicide Black Plague, Knit Wit and lots more. Oh, and there’s also a Guardians of the Galaxy painting guide, the top 10 games for kids and an introduction to Tokaido… and plenty of other stuff too numerous to mention.

Finally, if you’re downloading the digital version then it comes with a FREE 66-page Deadzone Version 2.0 rulebook, so you can take a look at the game, after reading our review.


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