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15 December 2019
In space, only the GM can hear you scream

But in issue 38 of Tabletop Gaming we can all hear you actually. This issue is chest-burstingly full of extraterrestrials, xenomorphs and aliens – and not all of those are as nasty as you might imagine. We also review Alien RPG and Nemesis (having recently come to retail).

Aside from aliens we have the fireworks of Hanabi in All the Jahres, Jonathan Ying talking about Star Wars: Imperial Assault, and Ten of the Best Time Travel games.

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Here’s what the issue has in store for you:

Alien RPG: Our in-depth interview with Tomas Härenstam about how to make dying in space by having your head bitten off, fun. We also puzzle out how you make such a threatening universe somewhere that you can play for a campaign-length game.

Mega Games: A frontline report from a 60-player game of Watch The Skies. The trend for these huge and sometimes chaotic games of cooperation, negotiation and deduction. It’s a wild ride where things aren’t quite what they seem.

How We Made Jaipur: We talk to Sébastien Pauchon about making the two-player camel and spice classic. 

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Safety First: Our look at tools for use in RPGs to keep the things we do in the games from effecting us in real life.

Blue Books: We explore Osprey’s Blue Book Series, looking at the world of game rules hacking. This series gave us Gaslands amongst others and shows how wildly inventive gaming really can be.

Painting Guide – Critical Role: Vox Machina: We help you brush the heroes from this actual play to life with our detailed painting guide. Trinket included.


Alien The Roleplaying Game
Paupers’ Ladder
Ninja Academy
Tussie Mussie
Dreams of Tomorrow
Trogdor!! The Board Game
Dale of Merchants
Adventure Games: Monochrome Inc
Marvel Crisis Protocol
Kung Fu Panda: The Board game
+ Many More

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