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17 November 2019
It’s All Gods and Kings in Tabletop Gaming issue 37

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We talk to legendary game designer Eric Lang about Ankh: Gods of Egypt and discover what it feels like to play as a god. We also unpick the early influences for the game as well as the other in the trilogy (Blood Rage and Rising Sun) and learn more about the very god you can pilot across a shifting land.



The Kings of War RPG is here and we talk about getting down to ground level with Marc Langworthy. We find out what it takes to turn the rich and panoramic world of Pannithor into something that you can get personal with.


We chronicle the ups and downs of 90s retrofuturistic IP Mutant Chronicles – diving deep into the games, spin-offs and even the movie of this somewhat forgotten franchise.


Turning Tabletop games into page turners. We talk to Marc Gasgcoine about Aconyte Books and turning the worlds of Keyforge and Pandemic into novels – and reveal a few of the first books to be released.


We offer ten of the best stocking fillers in our Christmas small box guide.


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On top of all that we review a massive 29 games in this issue, including:

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Chocolate Factory

Die Hard

Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein

Megacities: Oceania

Detective Club

Romance of the Perilous Land

Star War: Legion: Clone Wars

Nanty Narking

Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon

Taverns of Tiefenthal

Glorantha: The Gods War

+ Many more!


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