11 August 2022
It’s time to choose a winner

After a huge number of nominations, we’re down to our final shortlist – chosen from the nominations by our panel of judges.


Now is the time to go and vote, and share the voting form with gaming friends and family to give your favourites a chance to win.




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Last year the final voting game down to a handful of votes in many categories – so sharing the link around will really help your favourites in their category.


Tabletop Gaming Awards 2022 Finalists


So, without furth ado, here are our finalists for this year’s Tabletop Gaming Awards 2022. Head over here to have your vote counted:





Best Board Game 2022

For the best board game of 2022.


Crescent Moon (Osprey Games)

Bitoku (Devir)

Ark Nova (Capstone Games/Feuerland Spiele)



Best Wargame 2022

For the best game of conflict of 2022


Lion Rampant Second Edition (Osprey Games)

The Silver Bayonet (Osprey Games)

Oathmark (Osprey Games)


Best Miniatures Game 2022

For the best game with or for miniatures


Gunfighters Ball (Knuckleduster)

Sniper Elite: The Board Game (Rebellion Unplugged)

Stargrave (Osprey Games)


Best Card Game 2022

For the best game that primarily uses cards


Art Robbery (Helvetiq)

Floriferous (Pencil First Games)

Radlands (Roxley Games)


Best Trading Card Game 2022

The best collectable, expandable, or trading card game set


Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon GO, (The Pokémon Company international)

Magic the Gathering, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (Wizards of the Coast)

Flesh & Blood, Uprising (Legend Story Studio)


Best Roleplaying Game 2022

For the best roleplaying gamebook


Arc, (Exalted Funeral)

The One Ring Second Edition, (Free League)

Pathfinder Second Edition, (Paizo)


Best Indie Game 2022

For small publishers making a big impact

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Mini Rogue (Nuts Publishing)

Regicide (Badgers from Mars)

Long Shot: The Dice Game (Perplext)


Best Solo Game 2022

The best game for one


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Cryptozoic)

Apawthecaria (Blackwell Games)

Undaunted: Reinforcements (Osprey Games)


Best Party Game 2022

For getting together


Blood on the Clocktower (Pandemonium Institute)

Sounds Fishy (Big Potato Games)

Last Message (IELLO)


Best Best Way to Die in an RPG Award 2022

What was your most fun demise of the year?


Shiver (Parable Games) “Electrocuted by evil elves with weaponised Christmas decorations!”

Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium) “Murdered by my companions as I attempted to have one (or two) of them eaten by a werewolf.”

Into The Odd Remastered “Consumed by the iron coral” (Free League)


Best Intergenerational Game Award 2022

For games that cross the age divide


King Domino Origins, (Blue Orange)

Pokémon Trading Card Game, Celebrations, (The Pokémon Company international)

Coraquest (Bright Eye Games)



Most Novel Component Award 2022

For a 'Wow Worthy' component that comes in the box.


The Dark Tower, Return To the Dark Tower (Restoration Games)

The Spellbooks and make-your-own playdough miniatures, Necromolds (Necromolds)

Fold out tree and monsters, Wonderbook (dV Giochi)



Outside the Box Award for Best Add-In Accessory 2022

For the best thing we added to our games this year


Speedpaints (Army Painter)

Call of Cthulhu 3D Prop Set Packs (Chaosium/TYPE40)

Haunted Manor terrain set (Mantic)



The winners will be announced at Tabletop Gaming Live in Manchester on the 17th-18th of September – join us there to find out who has won the 2022 awards.


So get voting now, and if you've not got tickets for our live show yet – now 



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