Tabletop Gaming Advent Calendar Returns for 2023!

02 October 2023
The team at Tabletop Gaming are delighted to announce the return of their popular Tabletop Gaming Advent Calendar. Whether you’re a board gamer, TTRPG player, light gamer, or just in need of an exciting build up to Christmas, the advent calendar has just what you need. 

What is the Tabletop Gaming Calendar?

Made up of twenty five gifts – because who isn’t disappointed when the chocolate runs out on Christmas Eve? – the Tabletop Gaming Advent Calendar 2023 sees us hand wrap a phenomenal selection of games across the hobby to give you a daily countdown to the holiday. Greet every day with a new gaming related opportunity, open them all in one go for true gaming joy, or even use it as the perfect gift for the tabletop gamer in your life.

Now in its fourth year, the calendar has seen over 100 games, numerous accessories, and enough wrapping paper that if we straightened it all out, we’d be able to reach the North Pole (probably).

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Is the Tabletop Gaming Advent Calendar worth it?


You can pick up a Tabletop Gaming Advent Calendar for £250, though subscribers to the magazine are entitled to a £25 discount. In return, you'll receive gifts with an RRP of over £550.

Amidst the gifts there really is something for everyone, an exciting exploration of some of the best gaming has to offer at the moment. Wake up each day to a new present, of which every single one is hand wrapped and awaiting your excitement. And if you’re buying it for a loved one? Perfect, the TTG Elves will have taken care of the wrapping for you, so you can put your feet up, the sellotape down, and wait for the inevitable invitation to game. 

What’s inside the Advent Calendar?

Well, we can hardly give away the secret of exactly what you’ll find inside the calendar, but we’ve released details of the contents of boxes from previous years to give you an idea. We’ve got games this year from the likes of Steamforged Games, Funko Games, Lucky Duck Games, DV Games, Horrible Guild, Floodgate Games, Legend Story Studios, Thames and Kosmos and more… 

Each day has been picked by gamers, and the calendar has something for every kind of gamer too. Whilst there’ll be some easy favourites for you to get straight to the table, we’re also including a few deeper options, giving you the best place to start, even if you’ve never played before. 

Whilst not every day will include a game, your to-be-played pile will increase by a whopping 21 games over the course of December, so you’ll set yourself up perfectly for a game-tastic start to 2024. There’s no coal to be found on the gameless days though, as we’ve carefully selected gaming adjacent gifts popular within the hobby that will bring the joy you need to the tabletop. 

How do we get the Tabletop Gaming Advent Calendar?

You can buy the Advent Calendar directly from us at Tabletop Gaming. You’d best get your (ice) skates on though, as our final posting date will be 23rd November 2023. Any Advent Calendars purchased after this date will not be received by December 1st. Plus, once they’re gone, they’re gone – so pick up yours today!

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