Tabletop games made a staggering $113 million on Kickstarter last year

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13 January 2017
static1.squarespace-49403.jpg Dark Souls: The Board Game was 2016's most funded tabletop project
Just over half of projects successfully funded

Tabletop projects made nearly four times as much as video games on Kickstarter during 2016, bringing in an impressive total of $113 million (£93m), according to the crowdfunding site.

The figure represents a jump of close to a third (28%) on the previous year; tabletop campaigns raised $90 million (£74m) in 2015.

In contrast, video game pledges came to ‘just’ $29 million (£24m) in 2016, bringing the total amount of money gathered by the combined games category to $142 million (£116m) across nearly 7,000 different projects.

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Despite this, only around 2,600 of all the games launched on Kickstarter managed to make their initial funding target – a success rate of around 37%.

This proportion was brought down by video games, with more than half (55%) of tabletop projects passing their goal.

Last year’s biggest tabletop success story was Dark Souls: The Board Game, which raised £3,771,474 in May.

This has already been surpassed this year by Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5’s record-breaking $12,393,139 ($10,145,006), which also made it the most funded Kickstarter game of all time, ahead of Exploding Kittens, which made $8,782,571 (£7,189,400) back in February 2015.


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