Tabletop debut from League of Legends video game developer announced (accidentally)

14 September 2016
ldxr0HL-93265.jpg Mechs vs Minions is a four-player co-op game (via Imgur)
Mechs vs. Minions said to be a co-operative campaign title set in the same universe as Riot Games’ smash hit MOBA video game, due for release this year
Tabletop debut from League of Legends video game developer announced (accidentally) Images

Riot Games, the video game developer behind the massively successfully MOBA (that’s ‘multiplayer online battle arena’) League of Legends, is primed to release its first tabletop title.

That's the news from Shut Up and Sit Down, which said that Mechs vs. Minions would be set in the same universe as Riot’s hit PC game and allow up to four players to team up and pilot the titular robots in an effort to take down scores of unfriendly enemy warriors.

According to SU&SD, the “Robo Rally meets Descent” title will cost around $80, including pre-painted minis for both the mechs and minions, metal cogs, cardboard components such as a playing field and character sheets, an hourglass, and custom dice. (Plus some standard d6, of course.)

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Although it’s yet to be officially revealed by Riot – SU&SD quickly pulled its announcement and pictures of the game, but it was naturally preserved by the unforgiving internet on Imgur and Reddit) – Mechs vs. Minions is reportedly set for release by the end of 2016 and will be “shipping to customers in just a couple of months”.

So, take the news with a pinch of salt, but it could be that one of the world’s biggest video games hits the tabletop world sooner than you realise.

TTG has reached out to Riot for more information on the game, and will update this story as necessary.


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