T.I.M.E Stories’ next expansion sets sail during the Golden Age of Piracy

13 April 2018
ts09-lowland_artpiece-98971.png T.I.M.E Stories: Brotherhood of the Coast
Brotherhood of the Coast set in 17th-century Caribbean

The next expansion for time-travelling adventure game T.I.M.E Stories is taking to the high seas.

Brotherhood of the Coast is the seventh extra pack for the narrative-driven co-op game, following last year’s '80s Hollywood ghost story Estrella Drive and 15th-century Spanish tale Lumen Fidei.

Set in 1685, during the 17th-century Golden Age of Piracy, the story involves the disappearance of four agents somewhere in the Caribbean, whom players will be trying to locate and save.

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Two of the set’s characters – ‘receptacles’, in the game’s sci-fi lingo – have been revealed, including crack-shot buccaneer Carapoux and seasoned pirate captain (and naval expert) Charlotte Gordon.

Further details on the expansion’s story and characters are yet to be revealed, but Brotherhood of the Coast has been announced for release in Q3 2018.


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