Sushi Roll serves up dice and rice in Sushi Go! spin-off

12 February 2019
sushi-roll-95204.jpg Sushi Roll
Now you sashimi, now you don’t

Phil Walker-Harding’s delicious card-drafting game Sushi Go! is serving up another portion of tasty tabletop fun in an upcoming dice game.

Sushi Roll – which is a truly fantastic pun – is set in the same, urm, foodiverse as Sushi Go! and the expanded Sushi Go! Party. As part of its announcement, publisher Gamewright revealed that Sushi Go! has now sold over a million copies.

The first brief description of the dice game says it will feature fans’ “favourite Sushi Go! characters”, which seems an odd way to refer to tempura, pudding, wasabi, uramaki, edamame and more dishes served up for consumption, even if they do have wide eyes and cute smiles.

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Sushi Roll will stick with Sushi Go!’s drafting gameplay, as players pick one savoury sushi die from conveyor belts before passing the rest on.

As with the cards in the previous games, the aim is to gather combos of certain foods – so two tempura will net you points, as well a set of sashimi – while other utensils will let you re-roll dice with menus or swap dice with an opponent using chopsticks. At the end of the game, desserts will give you a sweet drizzle of extra points.

Playing with two to five players in around 20 minutes, Sushi Roll sounds like a relatively straightforward adaptation of Sushi Go!’s gameplay to dice-rolling.

We’ll be able to chow down when it’s released this spring.


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