Sushi Go! creator serves up another delicious foodie card game in Yummy World

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04 December 2017
Yummy-World-Game-4-12136.jpg Yummy World: Party at Picnic Palace
Players throw a Party at Picnic Palace

Sushi Go! (and its indulgent party platter spin-off) is one of the most lip-smacking games around thanks to its grinning cast of adorable and delectable snacks.

Designer Phil Walker-Harding is continuing his love of easy-going card games with edible themes with Yummy World: Party at Picnic Palace, a set-collecting title set in the magical world of Sprinkle Tree – which has us thinking of Adventure Time’s Candy Kingdom, we’ll admit.

In the game, you’re trying to get as many of your (literally) foodie friends to come along to your party before your rivals invite them to their own get-togethers.

Cards are revealed – possible giving information to your opponents – before being collected as face-up sets, with matching characters and rarer cards earning more points.

Players use one of their three (or four, with two people) invitations to collect an entire row of nine to 12 cards or use a card with Pauly Pickle to collect a single card to fill out their collection.

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At the end of three rounds, the most points wins.

It’s as light as you’d expect, and the artwork is delightfully gorgeous and filled with smiling strawberries, cupcakes, bacon and more, with equally adorable names – including Baron Von Bacon, Cheezey Pie, Kyle Kiwi and Sassy the strawberry.

The box costs about £15 and is already out. Just try not to play on an empty stomach.


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