Sushi Go! creator Phil Walker-Harding chats card games in part two of our special Tabletop Gaming podcast series

02 May 2018
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Episode two looks at how traditional playing cards became the card games we love today

The second episode in our History of Tabletop Gaming podcast series is live!

Part two of our four-part series looking at how and where the games that you love originated, this episode sees host Jonny Crawford examining playing cards and finding out how they evolved into the card games we play today.

This time, he’s joined by Phil Walker-Harding, the creator of delicious card game Sushi Go!, who chats about his own inspirations and why cards remain a timeless part of gaming.

If you missed the first episode of the series, you can still download it to learn more about the origins and history of chess, including thoughts from historian and Head of History at the University of Huddersfield, Dr. Pat Cullum, and two-time British chess champion Gawain Jones.

The remaining two episodes in the series will be available later this week, examining how miniatures went from wargaming icons to board game phenomenon, and the current state of gaming community, including advice on finding your local club.

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Each episode is only around 10 minutes long, so why not listen to the first two parts this lunchtime or on your way home?

You can download The Tabletop Gaming Podcast, now including the first and second episodes of The History of Tabletop Gaming, via iTunes.

Or instead head to if you’d prefer to listen to the podcast in your browser, download it directly and find the RSS feed to import the podcast into your favourite media player or device.

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