Superhot: The Card Game will bring the time-bending puzzle shooter to Kickstarter next week

25 January 2017
ac03608b63c0844b8265fa391aea647b_original-10102.png SUPER HOT SUPER HOT
Backer edition of game will include limited edition enemy figure

The card game spin-off of time-moves-when-you-do video game Superhot is finally coming to the tabletop.

First teased last year, Superhot: The Card Game has been designed by Multiuniversum: Project Cthulhu creator Manuel Correia, who based the puzzle shooter adaptation’s mechanics on his previous print-and-play title Agent Decker.

Superhot: The Card Game attempts to recreate the headline concept of its virtual counterpart – where enemies, bullets and objects only move when the player moves, leading to some Matrix-style weaving between shots and catching weapons in mid-air – with a deckbuilding core.

Players lay cards to advance the timeline, with each card representing an action or object – such as ‘flip the table’, ‘gun’, ‘bullet’ and the ‘how about a glass?’ bottle.

Up to three players attempt to achieve a number of goals, from killing a specific number of enemies to holding certain combinations of cards.

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There are four game modes, covering both solo sing-player modes, player on player conflict and co-operative play against either the game’s AI or another team of humans.

The Kickstarter campaign is due to start next Tuesday, January 31st, and is looking for $8,000 (£6,364).

Superhot: The Card Game will be on offer for $15 (£12) (plus an estimated £4 to £8 in postage) – with a $20 (£16) RRP expected after the Kickstarter. Up your pledge to $31 (£35) and you’ll also get a 60x35cm play mat, which will be released separately later on.

Those who pick up the game through Kickstarter will also get a limited edition 10cm-tall miniature of one of the game’s enemies, which the creators have said won’t be available after the campaign.


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