Super Dungeon Tactics launches on Steam Greenlight

27 January 2016
609096229_preview_town01-73890.jpg Super Dungeon Tactics
Videogame based on a board game inspired by videogames
Super Dungeon Tactics launches on Steam Greenlight Images

Hands up who has played Super Dungeon Explore? Keep those hands up everyone who enjoyed all the various nods to classic videogame RPGs or adventures? We bet a lot of those hands are still up. Well, how's about this for a turn of events because the boardgame that was inspired by classic videogames has, in turn, inspired its own videogame.

Although Super Dungeon Tactics was announced a while back, a page has now appeared on Steam Greenlight, complete with a fairly short video detailing how the game plays. Interestingly it doesn't play exactly like Super Dungeon Explore and instead resembles videogames like Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem... which is good, we guess, to ensure the experience is different to the boardgame.

Developed by Underbite Games, Super Dungeon Tactics is now looking for support on Steam Greenlight, where you can vote for the game to be officially released. Head to the page to give it your support and, in the meantime, take a look at the video below:

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