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20 January 2016
newsmast-21481.jpg Extra Extra by Mayfair Games
Learn how to get your news or blog published here

Have you got some important tabletop gaming news you need to share with the world? Are you preparing to launch the best Kickstarter ever? Perhaps you've got a new range of miniatures that are simply amazing! Maybe you're opening a fantastic new board gaming cafe that will change someone's life on a spiritual level FOREVER... well, the good news is we're here to help!

If you're interested in having your news story published on the website - no matter whether you're a publisher, miniature maker, new business... whatever - then we want to hear from YOU! Please email your news to [email protected] and we'll pop it up right here.

Also, if you've got some articles you think might me interesting to the tabletop gaming public, then please send those to the address because we're also looking at potential blogs. Again, perhaps you're preparing a Kickstarter and would like to keep the readers updated about progress or maybe you want to submit some game reports... just let us know.

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