Stranger Things is getting a card game based on Eleven’s favourite waffles

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12 October 2017
wofywug9ls9zwnzxksks-21239.jpg Stranger Things: Eggo Card Game
The Upside Down, Demogorgon and… Eggos?

It’s no surprise that Netflix’s cult hit TV series Stranger Things is being turned into a series of board games by Hasbro, but what might raises some eyebrows is that one of the games is inspired by waffles.

Eggos are a real-life brand of frozen waffles made by Kellogg’s over in the US, and they also happen to be the favourite snack of supernaturally-powered hero Eleven in the ‘80s-infused show.

This apparently makes them the perfect theme for Stranger Things: Eggo Card Game, a game that comes in a box resembling Eggo packaging (complete with the proclamation that they’re ‘Fortified with Eleven’s vitamins’, which sounds truly odd) and with cards shaped like the circular waffles.

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Gameplay sounds similar to Uno, with players taking the role of Eleven and her pals Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Hopper and Barb before laying down Eggo cards to force their opponents to draw two cards or reverse the play order. Oh, they can also send characters to the dreaded Upside Down, summon the evil Demogorgon or create a portal that sends everyone in one world to the other – because this is still Stranger Things, after all. The first person to get rid of all their cards wins.

Hasbro has also made an Ouija board featuring Joyce Byers’ strung-up fairy lights and scrawled alphabet in homage to one of the show’s best scenes, as well as a themed Monopoly spin-off, because of course it has, but let’s be real – we’re all here for the waffle game.

There’s no word on whether the Eggo Card Game will make it out of the US yet, where it’ll be available for $15 (£11) this autumn to tie in with the return of the show’s second season. All we know is we suddenly feel a lot more hungry than we did five minutes ago.


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