Stop off at the Towns & Taverns with Loke Battlemats

11 January 2021
More battlemat goodness from Loke Battlemats

Loke Battlemats make RPG Battlemat Books in a range of formats that let you really bring your RPG to the tabletop with ease. Currently, the range includes a dungeon set of maps in various sizes, Cyberpunk maps, an adventure set, a game board and more, but now it's confirmed the imminent release of Towns & Taverns Battlemats.

Towns & Taverns is made up of two hardback books presented as a set, perfect for when you begin your quest or come to rest - as all the best adventures begin at the tavern. The books will be released on 27th January 2020, which will give you plenty of time to plan your next on tabletop adventure for the hopeful end of Lockdown 3. 


The books themselves are modular, and maintain scale across all of the books in the series, meaning you can link them up to create your own maps and adventures, from either the same book series or any of their others. As we commented in our Best Accessories video, a huge advantage to these books is also the ring bound nature of it – so your maps lay completely flat on the table, meaning no miniatures or markers going flying if it's tapped in the wrong place!

They're also laminated wipe clean, so add in any additional markers you may need can be made in dry wipe pen and it should help cut your planning time down, as everything is already there before you. 

Loke Battlemats took part in Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live 2020, with this fabulous video below giving tips on how best to use them:

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If that wasn't enough, there's also The Little Book of Battle Mats version of Towns & Taverns, which is a great smaller addition to your existing maps, or even a great condensed space for enclosed encounters, with the benefit of fitting into a small bag. Finally, they're adding to the existing range of Add on Scenery, which are smaller reusable static clings that will attach to your map but can be removed/moved and reused. 

We also recommended battlements in our top accessories video, showing off Loke Battlemat's Dungeon based map, which you can see below. 

These are available to preorder now from the Loke Battlemat store or your FLGS, ready for shipping on 27th January 2021.


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