Still time for treatment with Trust Me, I'm A Doctor

11 March 2020
Throw your plague mask in the ring and prove yourself the best

With all the news of the covid-19 whipping people into a toilet paper buying frenzy, it’s nice to take the time to reflect that it was always like this. That whenever viruses or disease reared their ugly heads, people in the past would turn to strange superstitions and horrific medical practices. And, is if they planned it, Half-Monster Games have had their game Trust Me, I’m A Doctor up on Kickstarter since February 21st where it has been raking in pledges hand over fist. And it’s not hard to see why. 


Taking inspiration from a meme of all places, Trust Me, I’m A Doctor puts players in the blood crusted shoes of old timey doctors as they attempt to cure patients with a variety of ailments like the plague or pistol wound. Players try to match cures from their hand to the symbols on the ailment and must argue over why their cure is the best while accusing the others of chicanery and slander. 

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For those looking to get a good deal from Kickstarter, Trust Me, I’m A Doctor looks to be a great candidate as higher pledges include both of Half-Monster Games previous titles and an A5 journal entitled Dr Wiggins' Medical Anatomy and Dissection Encyclopedia. Which has humourous entries about the ailments and cures found in the game as well as essays by fans on things like “excess bile”.

There’s still 20 hours left as of writing this and you can back it on Kickstarter here.


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