Starship Samurai looks like Gundam meets Rising Sun, and we’re absolutely okay with that

03 April 2018
Game_Setup-37875.jpg Starship Samurai
Dead of Winter co-creator behind anime-inspired area control showdown

The next project from the co-creator of Dead of Winter is combining Japanese history with the sci-fi action and massive robots of anime – and it’s looking really, really great.

Isaac Vega’s Starship Samurai takes place in a far-flung future where humanity has colonised the galaxy, but since fallen into war between rival clans vying for the throne of the galactic emperor.

In the vein of Eric Lang’s feudal Japan-set behemoth Rising Sun, Starship Samurai is an area control game where players control up to four unique clans that must use a mixture of diplomacy and conflict to take control of the Lotus galaxy, managing their alliances with eight lesser clans and earning honour.

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Although Starship Samurai’s setup and terminology harkens back to Japanese history and classics of the samurai genre, its look is all sci-fi. Players control massive mecha that recall iconic anime such as Gundam, as well as smaller fighter craft and carriers that can be used in fights, which are resolved using battle cards.

As well as participating in head-to-head skirmishes, players can also spend resources and use their political sway to influence the smaller clans, earning rewards from the factions they attract to their side.

Starship Samurai was first revealed last summer, with no details beyond a name and some images of the miniatures in the box.

With an idea of how the game will actually play, it’s lining up to be something very promising indeed – we’ll be able to tell whether the promise pays off when the game’s released ‘soon’.


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