Star Wars: Destiny has a new two-player starter box with cards from The Last Jedi

01 September 2017
sw-destin-2p-38993.jpg Star Wars: Destiny Two-Player Game
Two-Player Game includes hero and villain decks with new versions of Rey, Poe, Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren

Star Wars: Destiny is not just an excellent Star Wars game – it’s a fantastic game, full stop. But despite the hugely enjoyable dice-rolling head-to-head combat, the collectible treadmill players are required to hop on to keep up with the game can be off-putting – not to mention costly.

Fantasy Flight is hoping to ease more players into the game with a new starter box that includes enough cards (plus tokens and whatnot) for two people to play, instead of needing to invest in two separate starter decks.

The awkwardly-titled Star Wars: Destiny Two-Player Game packs in existing cards from the game’s run of releases so far, bolstered by a selection of brand new cards inspired by this year’s upcoming movie Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

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The box is split into two 23-card decks, one each for heroes and villains, headed by new versions of Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma on the Empire side and Rey and Poe Dameron on the side of the Resistance. Accompanying the characters are new variants of their signature weapons, as well as some fresh ability and upgrade cards.

Star Wars: Destiny Two-Player Game will cost $30 (£23), which should make it cheaper than buying two £15 starter decks separately – although you might find you can pick up two packs for slightly less if you hunt about, as we’ve seen the Rey and Kylo Ren decks go for closer to a tenner online. The starter box is out today (September 1st), as part of the ‘Force Friday’ event.


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