STAR WARS DAY: Celebrate with TWO New Videos

04 May 2021
May the Fourth Be With You

May the Fourth has become Star Wars day, often bringing us exciting Star Wars updates and offering us the perfect excuse to justify watching Return of the Jedi again. Star Wars is visible in almost every sector, and Tabletop Gaming is no different. For that reason, Charlie has used the excuse of Star Wars Day to chat about Star Wars Games – offering a brief overview of a few games in case you've not brought them to your table yet, PLUS a video considering what tabletop games would suit different Star Wars characters.

WATCH HERE: Star Wars on Tabletop!

Charlie takes a look at Star Wars games that you can bring to your tabletop, with a brief overview of what you can expect. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy - but be sure to tell us your favourites too in the comments!

WATCH HERE: What if Star Wars Characters Played Board Games?

Using almost any excuse to talk about Star Wars, Charlie pulls a few names from a bag and offers some recommendations for the tabletop games they should be playing, based on a little about their character and story. Who did we recommend Inkling to? What game should the Mandalorian pick up? Who shot first?

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Be sure to let us know in the comments the games you'd recommend and why, as well as if you'd recommend different ones. If you want to see more, give us a few names and we'll offer even more recommendations!


If that wasn't enough, of course, we've covered Star Wars previously and celebrated each year, so for even more Star Wars content, check out our full site or pick from a selection below: 



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