Star Wars: Armada fan remakes entire core set out of wood

03 October 2016
sbHEhlZ-59192.jpg The only items not made of wood are the cards and the dial magnets
Reddit user g-doh previously recreated X-Wing Miniatures Game using same technique

Earlier this year, you might have seen images of the X-Wing Miniatures Game core set remade out of wood floating around the internet. Well, the project’s creator is at it again – this time, with X-Wing’s bigger brother, Star Wars: Armada.

Reddit user g-doh posted images of the finished version of their wooden Star Wars: Armada core set on the site, showing the iconic Star Destroyer, CR90 Corellian corvette and Nebulon-B frigate, as well as the squadrons of X-Wings and TIE fighters.

They even went so far as to remake the manoeuvre tool, command dials, range ruler and other pieces included in the set out of the same CNC laser-cut wood, but admitted that the cards “are made from two sides of linen paper stock and are glued using glue spray” and the dials include magnets.

They added: “The only thing missing are the dice but for that I have the dice app. (Will buy the dice though.)”

According to g-doh, the entire project took “well over 10 hours”.

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“[I] didn't really count them so it might as well be over 20,” they added. “The prototyping of the manoeuvre tool was especially long. I took five versions before it got what I have now and it still is not perfect.”

The creator revealed that they do not own the original Armada set, explaining that their wooden recreation “was done entirely with information from the internet and help from some people that do own the game”.

“I have no intention to sell this wooden version of the game,” they continued, pre-empting controversy over their lack of ownership. “A few peeps did get some wooden movement templates and dials from my X-Wing project but that stuff is also sold a lot online in acrylic form so no worries there.”

They concluded: “This is maybe cheaper if you own a CNC laser machine but this takes so much time making that I'd recommend buying the game without a doubt.”


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