Star Wars: Age of Rebellion sourcebook Fully Operational gives engineers plenty to tinker with in the RPG

07 March 2017
swa47_engineersinstarwars-70532.jpg Fully Operational
Volume includes new talent specialisations, species, signature abilities, gear and campaign enhancements

Star Wars roleplaying game Age of Rebellion is getting another new sourcebook – and, this time, it’s engineers who are the stars of the show.

Fully Operational introduces a host of bits and bobs for engineer players and game masters to make use of in a campaign.

Among these is a new specialisation geared towards building and customising starships, the shipwright.

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There are also new engineer-specific duties to add depth and drama to a narrative, ranging from chemical analysis to disaster relief and work with civilians.

Of course, there’s the usual selection of new species, equipment, character attributes and more, too.

Fully Operational will be out in the third quarter of this year.


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