Star Trek: Tactics returning after four years with Series IV

26 January 2017
Wizkids-Heroclix-Star-Trek-Tactics-Sovereign-class-00331.png Star Trek: Tactics is based on the HeroClix system
Next expansion will add almost 30 vessels to HeroClix-powered ship combat game

Star Trek: Tactics, the WizKids-published ship combat game based on the HeroClix system, is coming back nearly four years after its last release.

Tactics originally launched in 2012 and was expanded with two additional series of ships the following year, leaving the collection with just over 80 vessels from the sci-fi universe’s various factions and races, from the Federation to Klingon and Borg.

There were no new releases during the following three years, but WizKids has now announced its plans to resurrect the series with a new starter kit and boosters.

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The Star Trek: Tactics Series IV starter set will include the U.S.S. Enterprise, U.S.S. Enterprise-B, I.R.W. Gal Gath’thong and I.R.W. Algeron, as well as two reversible maps and the tokens, cards and dice needed to get playing. The pre-painted models are set on the new HeroClix click-base dials.

An extra 25 ships can be found in boosters, varying between common and rare.

The starter pack will cost $25 (£20), with boosters $5 (£4) each. Series IV is due for release this September.


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