Star Saga is Mantic’s new spiritual successor to Dungeon Saga

19 September 2016
Dungeon-Saga-Boxed-Game-Contents-ks-04243.jpg The game is a spiritual successor to Dungeon Saga
Kickstarter campaign planned for September 26th
Star Saga is Mantic’s new spiritual successor to Dungeon Saga Images

Mantic Games is moving out of the darkness of a dungeon and into, erm, the darkness of space with a sci-fi-flavoured follow-up to Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest.

The fittingly-titled Star Saga: The Eiras Contract is set in the same Warpath Universe as Mantic’s sci-fi miniatures skirmish title Deadzone, but utilises a modified version of the rules seen in Dungeon Saga, which are touted as putting a greater focus on accessibility for newcomers and depth for existing fans.

Players will control a team of space mercs “on a mission to retrieve stolen data plans from a research facility orbiting a far-off alien world”, who face off against hordes of minions and their alien overlords.

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The narrative is said to include a number of surprising twists and difficult decisions, with future campaigns and add-ons already planned to expand the story and setting.

Mantic will launch a Kickstarter campaign for Star Saga one week from now on Monday, September 26th, which will run for 25 days.

Further release date and pricing details are yet to be confirmed.


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