Spyfall: Time Travel swaps ‘Where?’ for ‘When?’ in standalone bluffing sequel

10 July 2018
Screen-Shot-2018-07-10-at-10.17.30-74544.png Spyfall: Time Travel
Locations range from Neanderthal cave to moon base

The next Spyfall game is taking a trip backwards – and forwards – in time.

Spyfall: Time Travel is a standalone sequel to the question-asking bluffing hit and its numbered follow-up, which expanded the range of locations for players to try and expose the clueless spy or spies in their midst by asking each other questions about where they are.

This time around, it’s not a case of wondering ‘Where am I?’ but ‘When am I?’, as Time Travel offers up a selection of places and periods from a Neanderthal cave at the dawn of humanity to a moon base built in the far-flung future. (Just don’t start asking, ‘Why is a spy hiding in a Neanderthal cave?’)

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Some of the other locations include a World War I airship, Shaolin temple, Viking longship, the Battle of Moscow, a hot air balloon, Stonehenge (a “druid circle”), the first Olympics, the French Revolution, the Black Plague and Leonardo da Vinci’s art studio and the Spanish Inquisition, teased by the game’s creators with the obligatory Monty Python reference.

The game is said to be fully compatible with Spyfall and Spyfall 2, and there’s no mention of its gameplay making any new additions or tweaks – only a single spy card is included, making it a return to the single-spy format of the original game, rather than the multi-spy potential of its follow-up. A team variant for bigger groups is included in the rules, alongside options for two and three players.

The answer to the biggest ‘when’ question? Spyfall: Time Travel will be out later this year.


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