Spyfall 2 sneaking out in January

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30 September 2016
1500x1500_2533f64de0047096ac2838ee5c82f720352e4ea451f37e9aaa05dd16-84529.jpg 240 cards are included in the new pack
Updated version of Cryptozoic’s deceptive party game adds 20 locations and new roles, supporting up 12 players and the ability to combine with the original set
Spyfall 2 sneaking out in January Images

Spyfall will return… in Spyfall 2.

Cryptozoic’s espionage-themed party game, in which one random spy player must convince the rest of the group that they know the location displayed on all player cards but theirs, came out last year and proved a hit, picking up a Spiel des Jahres recommendation along the way.

The follow-up, which is set for release in January, maintains the core bluffing mechanics of the original, but adds new locations and optional location-specific player roles to offer more complex game modes. The maximum player count has similarly been expanded from eight to 12, with two spies able to work together (or apart) in a single half-hour round.

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With no major changes to Spyfall’s foundations, Spyfall 2’s 240 cards can be combined with the base game for greater variety.

The game will cost $25 in the US upon release.


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