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03 April 2023
The annual Wargames Association of Reading Show returns to Farnborough for it's second year.

Founded in 1978, the Wargames Association of Reading, has been a mainstay of the Reading community for the last 44 years. In November 2023, The Wargames Association of Reading will be bringing their annual ‘Warfare’ show back to the Farnborough Exhibition Centre for its 2nd year. Having been in a number of different venues over the last 10 years, our first show held at Farnborough in 2022 was a rousing success with over 450 competition players, 70 traders and 30 demo/participation games. It’s a wonderful weekend for anyone interested in gaming. 

This year we hope it make it even bigger and better, by adding more tournaments, more traders and more participation games than ever before!! This will coincide with the 110th anniversary of HG Wells ‘Little Wars’ and we are aiming to get as many different gaming systems as possible for the weekend. There will certainly be something for everyone, from historical ancient warfare, all the way 40’000 years into the future. 

Check us out at ‘Wargames Association of Reading’ on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest info happening at the club, and for any queries for attending Warfare please contact [email protected].

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