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26 October 2022
From the creators of the award-winning legacy narrative game The King’s Dilemma, here comes the new, long-awaited sequel: The Queen’s Dilemma.

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Get ready to travel back to the kingdom of Ankist for a new adventure of politics and intrigue, deal with challenging dilemmas, face tense voting sessions and forge your own path through a labyrinth of branching storylines.


Set a hundred years after the dramatic events of the first game and building upon the revolutionary Dilemma Card System, The Queen’s Dilemma introduces a brand-new story, improves the existing legacy mechanisms, and adds a lot of new exclusive features—all to make the experience even more immersive!


In contrast with the first game, you will live the whole campaign from the perspective of the same character, chosen from a pool of 6 unique personas. Will you be a cunning master of subterfuge, a fierce military leader, a greedy merchant, a philosopher advocating for progress, an aristocrat with a penchant for the occult, or a vicious lord tied to criminal activities?


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You will also develop your character with exclusive personal abilities. Each character comes with Duchies or Marks under their direct control, and a deck of secret personal objectives and branching narrative paths that will define your story and future goals—which may intertwine with the destiny of the entire kingdom.


The new ideology system will allow you to shape the political identity of the Realm. The policies you enact as a consequence of the game’s voting sessions will alter the balance between eight opposing political ideologies: Tradition against Progress, Force against Diplomacy, Order against Liberty, and Matter against Spirit. These also represent the moral values and agenda of your character: each one has a founding ideology they always root for, and other secondary interests whose importance varies from game to game, changing alliances at the table.


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But that’s not all. The new keyword system allows the game to keep track of your personal choices: an unexpected act of forgiveness could secure you the eternal gratitude of the people, but a radical resolution could tarnish your reputation forever. You will have to make your decisions wisely: the consequences of your choices will come back to reward -or haunt- your character later in the campaign.


Moreover, the map of the kingdom itself will now evolve as a result of your decisions, unlocking new game rules that alter the flow of the campaign. You’ll also have to defend your interests when a Dilemma card directly involves the territories placed under your control, and construct buildings to gain new abilities and sources of revenue.

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The game now also features a resource management aspect: you’ll take care of your lands and trade with other players to achieve your goals, increasing your political power, collecting materials to improve your buildings, supporting the Queen’s Army in her war on the south, and providing for the needs of your people to avoid discontent, unrest, and revolts.


















 In addition to the standard pledge including the core game, a “Royal Upgrade” pledge is also available, containing premium components to enhance your gameplay experience: wooden resources, metal tokens, and metal coins.


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During the Kickstarter campaign you will also be able to take part in the “Age of Disorder”, a Kickstarter exclusive event where you will shape the world and lore of Ankist through narrative dilemmas and tense voting sessions held in the campaign updates. The result of these votes will unlock loads of new content: additional envelopes filled with new stories and dilemmas to address, legendary buildings, more powers for the characters, and additional Mystery bags containing new components and rules, all determined by the choices you will make during the event. The resulting Age of Disorder kit will seamlessly integrate with the main campaign of the game.


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The Queen's Dilemma will be on Kickstarter until November 15.

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