SPONSORED POST: Talisman – Legendary tales for the whole family

25 February 2019
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Legendary tales for the whole family
SPONSORED POST: Talisman – Legendary tales for the whole family Images


Talisman – Legendary tales for the whole family

Talisman - Legendary Tales is a cooperative family game located in the famous Talisman universe under a worldwide license with Games Workshop. Similar to the story of the well renowned classic, the forces of evil seek again to take possession of the powerful Crown of Command. But only those who possess one of the legendary Talismans may pass through a magic portal to reach for the artifact. The heroes have to find the Talismans to prevent evil from ruling the world. Now dwarves, elves, trolls, warriors, prophets and wizards must work together by using their unique abilities. This task will not be easy, as finding each Talisman is an epic adventure in itself.

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Legendary Tales features a bag-building mechanism to represent the heroes' development and offers five connected adventures. Each player may choose from six different hero characters, each available in a female and a male version. Experienced players will recall their good memories of the original Talisman from 1983. The new Talisman – Legendary Tales spreads the fascination especially to the younger players. But this standalone game is different. Families will enjoy the five tricky tasks to win the Talismans together. The campaign can be played solo or with up to six players. Younger players will enjoy the easy access to the rules and the fantastic atmosphere while skilled players will enjoy the challenge to beat the game on legendary rank. During each adventure the party has to recover one of the lost Talismans. The adventures are described on five different adventure scrolls and must be played in order. Players may repeat adventures and play one or more adventures in a single game session. Over the course of this story they will travel across a wondrous land, must make important decisions and defend themselves against cruel enemies. Only if all heroes are helping each other they will succeed to save their magical world.

More games from Pegasus Spiele located in the famous Talisman universe will follow in 2019 – such as the highly anticipated role-playing game.

Talisman – Legendary Tales is now available to order at Meeples’ Corner (http://meeplescorner.co.uk/Board-Games/Talisman-Legendary-Tales-Pegasus-Spiele) and for a limited times includes the additional Druid promo character.


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