SPONSORED POST – Scan-and-Play Tabletop Adventure Game Taelmoor Launches on Kickstarter!

13 July 2021
Tabletop cleared, phones at the ready, we're going on an RPG-esque adventure

The golden age of Vale is over. A mysterious explosion devastated the Magic Quarter and brought the once great city-state to its knees. Without Vale's influence, the surrounding continent of Taelmoor grows ever more wild and untamed. This new age is one of danger, intrigue, and for the intrepid adventurer, perhaps opportunity...

Taelmoor is a scan-and-play narrative dungeon crawler for 1-6 players. Working together, players reveal an interactive 60-90 minute story by exploring dungeons, solving puzzles, talking to strange characters, and sometimes fighting them.

Evoking classic MUDs and text adventures, the free mobile app allows players to interact with any game piece by scanning a QR code. The modular map grows as players explore, while combat is fought with
simple but strategic deck-building.

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You can check out their Kickstarter by clicking here

There's plenty to see, and in fact we at Tabletop Gaming took a look! See below for our First Look. We check out that app and how it works, using QR codes to guide you through the stories, challenging you to choose the best option, utilise your skills, win against enemies, level up and (hopefully!) succeed in your quest...though we stick to the introductory scenario, so we don't give anything away.

As you unlock new rooms, items, or characters, you physically lay them out on your table, offering you a sprawling board of modular components. Plus, if you want to check it out before you purchase, you'll find a print and play is available too, which you can find as part of their Kickstarter by clicking here


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