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05 March 2020
After the success of the original game, Museum: Pictura is the next standalone opus in the Museum range.

This 2-4 player set collection game created by Olivier Melison and Eric Dubus will have you taking on the role of a museum’s art curator. 

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 Set in the roaring 20’s, the aim of the game in Museum: Pictura is to create collections of some of History’s most celebrated works of art. Throughout the game you will be exhibiting paintings onto your Museum board, while attempting to create Collections based either on their Period (ranging from the Renaissance all the way to Impressionism), or their Style (Portrait, Still Life …). The Collections you create will earn you Prestige points, and the player with the most Prestige at the end of the game wins. 





During play, you will be contending with the ever-changing trends of the art world, acquiring and exhibiting Paintings depending on the Style, Period, or Artist currently in highest demand. Exhibiting fashionable paintings will gain you additional points! 

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As your Collections grow, you will be able to open them briefly to the public with a Temporary Exhibition, which allows you to immediately score that Collection’s value. On top of that, you will get to choose a special bonus for your Museum. But beware, visitors will quickly grow tired of seeing the same types of Collection, so timing your exhibitions correctly is the key to success ! 

Museum: Pictura brings exciting new mechanics and strategies to the table, while maintaining a strong family connection to its predecessor. With a wealth of ways to score points and plenty of player interaction, Museum: Pictura’s fresh mechanics bring a fascinating twist to the original Museum game, that is sure to delight veteran curators and new players alike! It also retains the original game’s cultural depth: all of the paintings featured are real, and each card will tell you not only its size and type, but where you can go to see it exhibited. 

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Museum: Pictura has been lovingly illustrated by two artists who worked on the original Museum game. The lavish art deco setting, board and cover art is by Loïc Muzy, while the mammoth task of doing justice to the 180 classic works of art featured in the game was taken on by Ekaterina Varlamov. 

Pledges will start at 49 euros. The campaign will last until March 24th, and will include Daily Unlocks, social Stretch Goals and live videos from the development team each week. Two expansions will also be made available during the campaign. 

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