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20 January 2020
With its stunning art, ease of learning, and deceptively deep strategy, Kingdom’s Candy Monsters is as beautiful as it is engaging to play.
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This hidden gem is having a huge amouNt of praiSe from reviewers and players.


Here some mentions:



It has quite a bit of appeal, quite a bit of strategy, and actually the fact that you can continue playing and getting better and better at, it's going to be something that people wind up playing more and more. Overall this was above and beyond what I expected from the game. I really enjoyed this. We played it multiple times and each time I enjoyed it more.


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Kingdom's Candy: Monsters is often compared to Splendor, but in my opinion this game has a lot more to offer. I really like the gameplay and the art on the cards is really funny to look at.



Personally I strongly suggest you go back it, its one of the few games I would actually say about. I really like this one, I think is a gem of a game. This is a game you should have in your collection.


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